Small Business Recovery Programs

We are proud to announce that in December, the City will REOPEN the Small Business Forgivable Loan and Service Agreement programs to extend the opportunity to those businesses that did not apply or missed the application deadline, as well as businesses that have been further impacted by government restrictions. Please review the programs by clicking on the boxes below for assistance with eligibility and to apply.

The City of Mason recognizes that every one of our small businesses is a valuable part of the quality of life and sense of community we’ve built. Though COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on our residents and businesses, we have come together to support small businesses within the City.

In May 2020, Mason City Council approved a series of programs to provide immediate direct relief. These programs were launched quickly, designed to help our small businesses recover, grow, and develop a long-term partnership with the City, while also encouraging new purchase activity within the community. Through these Small Business Recovery Programs, as of November, we have injected nearly $2 million into our local economy.


Here’s an update on each program as of August 12:

  • The Come Together Mason E-Gift Card is now accepted at 75 Mason businesses. Since its launch, more than 4,950 gift cards have been redeemed, in some capacity, to purchase $143,458 in goods and services.
  • As part of the City’s innovative sewer waiver program, the City of Mason waived one month of fees for all customers for the month of July and, in addition, sent out nearly 8,500 $50 gift cards to Mason sewer customers. Of the 4,950 gift cards redeemed at local businesses since the launch of the Come Together Mason e-gift card program, 4,100 came through this program, totaling $124,171.
  • During the application period, our Small Business Recovery team received 50 applications for the Small Business Service Agreement Program. After a review of applicants, 46 businesses were awarded $46,000 within 8 weeks of applying.
  • The Small Business Forgivable Loan Program had 91 applicants. We were able to award $489,500 to 69 Mason small businesses through the forgivable loan program within 8 weeks of receiving their application.
  • The City purchased $3,500 in vouchers from 44 businesses totaling $150,500 through the City of Mason and MADE CDC Small Business Recovery Initiative. Vouchers will be distributed throughout the community, providing additional purchase incentives at these businesses.

Thank you to all of our small businesses and to the Mason community for coming together to support this critical part of our local economy.