Mason Small Business Service Agreement Program

Earlier this year, the City of Mason dedicated more than $2 million in economic recovery packages through the Small Business Recovery Program designed to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and grow and develop a long-term partnership with the City. The City wants to continue that support by reopening the Forgivable Loan Program and the Service Agreement Program to allow businesses who may not have previously participated an opportunity to do so now. 

Purpose:  This program is designed to provide up front support for small businesses with short term aid and facilitate an opportunity for a long-term service relationship with them. Qualifying businesses fit the categories that are traditionally retail and customer-facing.

Service Agreement: The City of Mason will offer a one-time payment of up to $1,000 for economic recovery purposes. At a later date, the City and small business owner will discuss opportunities for a mutually beneficial partnership in exchange for the $1,000 contribution. Options could include in-kind services, employee volunteer hours, cross-marketing, or businesses may recommend other creative options for partnership.

Application: The online application for the reopened Mason Small Business Recovery Programs will be available now through December 16. Businesses that have not already been awarded funds through these programs are eligible to apply for all active programs. Businesses who were awarded funds during the first round of applications may be eligible for additional support and should submit an application through the Supplemental Distribution Opportunity page.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The business shall be a current Mason business with a physical location within City of Mason limits.
  2. The business must be open to the public, or have been open to the public the week preceding Ohio’s Stay at Home Order, with regular business hours. (March 15, 2020, for food and beverage businesses and March 19, 2020, for other businesses.)
  3. The business should be a consumer-based, including retail or service establishments, such as those that rely on walk-in customer activity or appointments. Some examples include restaurants, salons/barbershops, retail shops, and breweries/bars.
  4. Corporate Franchisers not locally owned and independently operated are not eligible.
  5. The business shall be in compliance with all City Ordinances and in good standing with the City of Mason.
  6. The business shall have 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or fewer.
  7. While not required at this time, the City reserves the right to request additional documentation to support information provided on this application and the request for assistance.
  8. A service agreement will be completed between the City and small business.

First Time Applicants Apply Here

Previous Participants Apply Here