Mason Sewer Fee Waiver & Gift Card Program

Mason City Council has approved the distribution of $500,000 in Come Together Mason E-Gift Cards that may be spent exclusively at registered Mason small businesses. Small businesses are encouraged to sign up now to be eligible to accept the e-gift card as payment from customers and clients. 

Purpose: This program provides City of Mason residents and businesses with expense relief for sewer fees on July billing statements due in August. This program also offers an opportunity for residents and businesses to come together to strengthen small businesses. All residents and businesses who receive sewer services provided through the City by Greater Cincinnati Water Works may receive a $50 Come Together Mason E-Gift card to spend at local businesses. 

Eligibility: If you live or run a business in the City of Mason, it is likely you are a Mason sewer customer and will automatically receive this waiver on your July billing statement due in August, from Greater Cincinnati Water Works. You should automatically receive your additional $50 Come Together E-Gift Card by July 30th to spend at a local Mason business.

If you have not received your gift card please send an email with your name, address to: [email protected].